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You got me with this one! Reaching for the tissues right now....

anthony Reeves

Wish i could have been their for my little brother!

Elena Schneider

Yes!! While in the "system" use the resources that we did get... tutors from SIFE from the local college... "visiting resources AKA mentors, friends,etc"... ,keep being yourself and keep going in life such as me: doing these running events, some biking events-Randolph Co. Century Bike Run and Pecan City Pedalers,and going to school. You never know what else can lead you. Join some of the community activities like I have since leaving Job Corps such as CASA even though I am not a volunteer, Parents for Change-Secretary, etc. There are always things to do out there, just have to go out there and grab them and network!

Elena Schneider

I have not been a good speaker in front of a big crowd of people, but I took a chance to go out there for Youth Empowerment and did my first speaking engagement in Tifton, GA! It went well and I only invited one of the local CASA volunteers. She surprised me with another one that has seen me in the events they hold. I was very grateful they came to support me as I spoke and did a great job. So, this tells you.. You never know what to expect if just get out your 4 walls at the house and participate. Something you never expected can happen!

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